Alan Wakeman

Jazz Discography

Graham Collier Music

     Songs for my Father, 1970

Graham Collier Music

     Mosaics, 1970


     National Youth Jazz Orchestra, 1971

London Jazz Composers Orchestra

     Ode, 1972

Mike Westbrook Orchestra

     Citadel Room 315, 1974

John Dankworth and his Orchestra

     Movies 'n Me, 1974

Mike Westbrook Orchestra

     Love/Dream and Variations, 1976

Graham Collier Music

     New Conditions, 1976

Graham Collier Music

     The Day of the Dead, 1976


 Soft Machine

     Softs, 1976 (released on Esoteric Recordings, 2011)

Triton (Wakeman, Bridge, Morris)

     Wilderness of Glass, 1978 (recently released on CD)

Don Rendell Nine

     Earth Music, 1979

Don Rendell Five

     Set 2, 1979

Mike Westbrook

     Bright as Fire, 1980

Mike Westbrook

     The Paris Album, 1981

Stan Tracey Sexted (ft. Tony Coe, Art Themen, Alan Wakeman)

     The Crompton Suite, 1981


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