Alan Wakeman

Alan Wakeman – The Octet Broadcasts 1969 and 1979 (Gearbox)

The Octet Broadcasts comprises two separate recordings from 1969 and 1979 respectively, originally made for BBC radio, which are being released commercially for the first time.

The album is available via Gearbox Records as a double LP vinyl set, 2 CD, and MP3 download

1969 (Introduced by Brian Priestley) Alan Wakeman - tenor sax, clarinet;  Alan Skidmore - tenor sax, flute, two gongs;  Mike Osborne - alto sax, clarinet, tambourine;  Paul Rutherford - trombone, gong; Paul Nieman - trombone, gong;  John Taylor - piano, castanets; Lindsay Cooper - bass, sleigh bells;  Paul Lytton - drums
1979 (Introduced by Charles Fox) Alan Wakeman - tenor sax, soprano sax;  Alan Skidmore - tenor sax; Art Themen - tenor sax;  Henry Lowther - trumpet;  Paul Rutherford - trombone;  Gordon Beck - piano;  Chris Lawrence - bass;  Nigel Morris - drums

To purchase the album from Gearbox Records please follow this LINK

To buy the CD on Amazon please go to: Wakeman Octet Broadcasts

Alan Wakeman performing in Montreux, 1971. Photo: Harry Monty

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