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The Rockin’ Hams’ ‘taster’ cd, 2014


Featuring four of the band’s most requested numbers:

Dr Who, Ave Maria, Hoots Mon and Dambusters

Listen to a sample below:

Caccini's Ave Maria (arr. by Alan Wakeman)

02 Track 2.mp3

The Rockin' Hams - Extended Play -

£ 5 

CD including postage and packaging

Soft Machine, Softs (1976)

re-released on Esoteric Recordings in 2011


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Triton, Wilderness of Glass (1978)  re-released in 2012



Interplay, Global  (2013)

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Mike Westbrook's Uncommon Orchestra

A Bigger Show (double CD, 2015)

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Catania - Live in Sicily, 1992

(2 CDs, WR004, 2018)

   Available from Westbrook Records

Dave Holdsworth

Wodgi (2018)

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Alan Wakeman, The Octet Broadcasts 1969 and 1979 (Gearbox Records)

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